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02-24-03: Montezuma to get free cable for two months
The Daily Standard

    MONTEZUMA - Montezuma village residents who subscribe to cable television will get two months of free service.
    When the village entered a new contract with Adelphia Cable in 1999, councilors did not negotiate a franchise fee for the village. Villages can negotiate a fee, which usually represents a small  percentage of the overall bill.
    However, Adelphia had been charging a 5 percent franchise fee since then and the village has not been receiving the money.
    Councilor Randy Garman has been in touch with the company the last several months to reach a deal.
    "Basically, they (Adelphia officials) are looking at two free months for whatever service you have," Randy Garman said.
    The council jumped at the chance for the free service and approved the move unanimously, figuring it was the best they could get.
    "They are in bankruptcy right now," councilor Judy Schoen said. "This is better than getting nothing."
    Councilors also agreed to try to complete a low- to- moderate-income survey within the next two weeks. The survey must be completed by then to be eligible for several community development block grant (CDBG) funds.
    Village officials tried to complete the survey late last year, but did not reach the minimum number required according to the village population.
    "I think people were worried that private information would be revealed," Mayor Charlotte Garman said. "We have to let the people know that the information is sealed and sent elsewhere. It is for the benefit of the village that this survey be completed."
    Councilor Jodie Glick, who had been on the council since 1998, submitted a letter of resignation at the meeting.
    Glick said that she could no longer put in the time demanded for the position. Charlotte Garman said a "couple" of people have expressed interest in the position and two others in town have told her if someone was needed to contact them. The council has 30 days to fill the spot.
    Phil Hawkey will review the final draft of an ordinance governing unsafe buildings in the village, councilors were told.
    The council approved spending up to $100 to have someone review the ordinance since village solicitor Dave Bruns was unfamiliar with zoning regulations. Councilors hope to present the proposed ordinance for first reading at next month's meeting.
    Councilors will try to schedule drop-off days for recyclable items at the council building.
    As a test run, Maharg Inc. in Celina had tried to furnish recycling bins at each household over the last several months. However, owner Ron Maharg said that the service would no longer be offered because of the consistency of unrecyclable materials being left for pickup. However, the company did say that times could be scheduled for dropping off the materials, where workers could inspect before accepting materials dropped off.


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