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03-27-03: 14 seek St. Marys board opening
The Daily Standard

    ST. MARYS - St. Marys City Schools board of education received an overwhelming response as 14 residents of the district applied for a vacancy on the board.
    The position was created when board member Jeff Ginter, who had served for three years, resigned from his position March 12.
    Ginter resigned saying he wanted to spend more time working with youth and that he was frustrated with several school issues. He named the struggles with the state legislature concerning school funding and that he felt there was too much emphasis on athletics. He also said his time on the board had been frustrating because of how he worked with other board members.
    The 14 people who applied include: Penni Carroll, 138 Parkway Court, Jim Robenstine, 107 Oakwood Drive, Tom Hudson, 1112 Neil Ave., Jeff Bowersock, 739 N. Augustus, Frank Murray, 00337 Arnold Road, Missy Roby, 18659 Ohio 116, Jon Roberts, 1102 Robin Road, William Kellermeyer, 328 Huffman St., Ralph Wiley, 123 Augustus St., Kurt Meier, 203 S. Main St., Craig Gottschalk, 05076 Salem-Noble Road, Rees McKee, 121 S. Perry St., Brian Styer, 103 Meadowbrook Lane, and Anna Katterhenry, 03235 Ohio 219.
    Each applicant filled out a questionnaire of eight questions, most which were recommended questions from the Ohio School Board, Superintendent Paul Blaine said. Some of the questions asked were: Why do you want to become a school board member? What are your beliefs on the roles of the board and superintendent? Could you protect confidentiality and do you support the proposed future school construction project?
    Board members will review the answers to the questions and plan to appoint a new member at a special April 9 board meeting.
    Carroll, 53, said in her questionnaire she would like to become a board member because she would love to be part of the team. She said she is excited about the prospect of new and updated facilities in the school district, and said there is an increased need to keep up with technology. Carroll, who has one child attending St. Marys schools, is recreation director at Auglaize Industries in New Bremen and is a professional photographer for Castle Gallery in St. Marys.
    Robenstine, 78, said keeping updated with technology is important. He said his many years of education and business experience would be an asset to the school system.
    Katterhenry, 38, has two children currently attending the school district. She said she would like to join the board to better serve her community. Katterhenry supported the current school facility master plan and felt the move was important for future community growth.
    Hudson, 76, is interested in the position because he feels education is important in raising good, moral citizens in the community, he said. He also supports the facilities master plan.
    Bowersock, 48, has two children attending school in the district. He submitted his name for the position because he wants to be more involved in their education, he said. He is in favor of the school facilities plan.
    Murray, 56, said he is interested in the position because he feels it is important to volunteer and give back to the community. He is interested in selling the school facilities plan to school district voters, he also said. Murray has one child in the school system.
    Roby said she is interested because she feels it is important to get involved to be a good parent and member of the community. She said the need for new facilities is there, and she feels now is the right opportunity.
    Roberts has three children currently in the school system. He submitted his name because he did not want to see someone from a special interest group or someone with their own personal agenda on the board, he said. He said he is impressed with the overall plan for new facilities and said the district needs to take advantage of the current situation and not turn down free money.
    Kellermeyer said he is interested in the position because he believes in the noble course of public service. He said he could not offer a fair and complete assessment of the facility master plan without all of the factors.
    Wiley, 35, said he feels he could contribute to the school system because of his business experience. He said more time is needed discussing the facilities plan with other board members before making a decision on the issue. But he did say new facilities would make the district more efficient. Wiley has three children in the school system.
    Meier, 37, is interested because he has two school-age children and another one on the way, he said. With his experience as an accountant, he feels he can attract businesses to the area by providing a well-educated work force and less tax burdens.
    Gottschalk has one child in the school district. He said his experience as a lawyer and parent can offer a unique perspective to the board. He feels new facilities are needed, but has concerns with cost for the project and the potential for a loss of state funding.
    Rees McKee, a former board member, has one child attending school in the district. He said he feels it is important to provide a learning environment and curriculum that is conducive with the needs of all children in the district. He said the new facilities are needed, but this is not the time to pursue it due to the current economic climate.
    Styer said he has something to contribute to the community and the school district. He feels the facilities plan is good and more attractive schools would bring new industry, job growth and better property values.
    "We were pleasantly surprised with the number of responses," Blaine said. "It reflects the support the community has traditionally offered to our schools."


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