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04-21-03: Councilors seek funds to finish street project
The Daily Standard
    Montezuma is applying for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for the third consecutive year in the hope of securing funds to finish paving the half-completed Long Street.
    The street was partially reconstructed several years ago, but not completed because of a funding lack. A section of the road remains gravel. Montezuma Village Council members meeting Saturday said they want to see the road completed with curbs and gutters.
    Mercer County Commissioners decide and award a number of local CDBG grants, which originate in the Ohio Department of Development.
    Councilors at Saturday's regular meeting passed a resolution allowing Mayor Charlotte Garman to complete paperwork to apply. The application deadline is May 2.
    Council members reported they have nearly completed gathering income surveys from village residents. If the surveys show that most residents are low to moderate income (LMI), more grant opportunities will become available to the village.
    Mayor Charlotte Garman urged members to finish collecting surveys this week.
    The mayor also asked council to continue investigating unsafe building laws in other villages; an effort that may result in Montezuma creating its own building ordinance.
    Councilors decided the ordinance that's in effect for the Village of Rockford is too strict for Montezuma, but pledged to keep looking looking for a model that might work in Montezuma.  "There's no question, we have to have something," councilman Max Brodbeck said.
    "There are Montezumans out there who are interested in us addressing this," councilman Jim Clark said.
    While members of council said the village needs some sort of building maintenance code, some in the audience Saturday didn't agree.
    "There's 200 people in this town. We should be looking out for each other, not causing problems for each other," resident Bob Marley said, after noting that many buildings in town could be targeted.
    Mosquitoes will be the target if the village can get the roadside insect fogger back in operation, the council heard at the meeting.
    Councilman Randy Garman recently completed a course in Bellfountaine that certified him in insect spraying for three years, the mayor said. Efforts are underway to bring the village's fogger into working order before the West Nile Virus season starts this summer.
    Randy Garman explained the fogger, which rides in the back of a pickup truck, is nearly an antique and hasn't been used for seven years. Also, the pesticide costs nearly $50 per gallon.
    He urged the community to fight mosquitoes at home, by not allowing water to gather in old tires and other places where they spawn.
    In another matter of business, Randy Garman said improvements to the new Montezuma Park are moving ahead. A three-foot wall is soon to be installed and Dayton Power & Light will soon install and run power to a flagpole.
    Council members also continue selling commemorative bricks to assist with park improvements.


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