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07-10-03: Worming their way in Rockford area residents have more to deal with than floodwaters < and oh, the smell
The Daily Standard
    ROCKFORD - They're floating in the flooded waters and left dangling on rocks and bushes where water has receded. And the smell of the decomposing invertebrates is everywhere in this water-soaked village.
    They're worms.
    "As if the water's not bad enough, now we have to get rid of these things," said Rockford resident Pauline Steiner, as she stood in over three inches of water where scores of slimy worms floated past her bare legs.
    Steiner recently purchased a small water pump to rid her back yard at 301 State St. in Rockford of excess water, although the unwanted moisture really had no place else to go, she admitted. Many of her neighbors had it worse and were evacuated as water crept into their homes earlier in the week.
    As she used her broom to push the water toward the pump, she tried to guide the worms to a pile to her left.
    "I'm afraid they're going to be around a lot longer than the water," she said, as sweat dripped from the bridge of her nose.
    The deluge of worms from the swollen St. Marys River - and their awful stink < is just another obstacle residents of Rockford are dealing with as floodwaters persist for the seventh day.
    Water splashed up against Ruth Davis' ankles Wednesday as she trudged through the sunken living room of her house, which she now jokingly refers to as "lakefront property."
    "Sunken is right," she said with a laugh. "It is better now though than it was yesterday. Yesterday there were 41/2 inches of water in here and 51/2 inches in our patio."
    Her once lush carpeting is now a squishy, deep green mush, and she hopes the high flood insurance premiums she and her husband have paid through the years pay off.


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