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09-11-03: Proposed levies main topic at BOE meeting


ST. MARYS — School board members allowed time to answer questions from residents on both proposed school levies at Wednesday’s board meeting.
Resident Bill Kellermeyer said he wanted to know how personal incomes would or would not be affected by the proposed 1 percent operating levy proposed on the ballot.
“There are elderly people living on fixed incomes who think they will not pay anything on this,” Kellermeyer said. “I have a concern with that.”
Business manager Kurt Kuffner answered Kellermeyer’s question by reading off what incomes are taxable for the proposed levy. Incomes taxable under the proposed levy include salaries and wages, annuities, unemployment benefits, IRA distributions, capital gains, self-employment income, pensions, alimony and dividends and interest. Social Security benefits, disability and survivor benefits, railroad retirement benefits, welfare benefits, child support, property gifts, inheritance and workers compensation are not open to the tax, he told Kellermeyer.
Resident Pam Hobler asked how the proposed 6.92 mill building levy would affect taxpayers in an adverse situation, such as a major industry like Goodyear closing down.
“Taxpayers are taking on the responsibility of paying for the school,” superintendent Paul Blaine said.
Blaine explained the levy is the equal millage approach, which is most common. He said that property valuation of the district is assumed, for purposes of the levy revenue, according to past history.
“In some cataclysmic situation, such as if Goodyear would close down, I don’t think it would have as much of an impact as you might think,” Blaine said. “It is not one bond, it is a series of bonds, paid out over a maximum term of 29 years. But the district has a rather impressive history of increasing valuations.
Kuffner added that manufacturing jobs in the city have grown over the last five years at a rate of 9.5 percent.
Kellermeyer also asked why no public meetings are being scheduled to educate the public on the levy. Board member Anna Katterhenry responded, saying a public meeting has been scheduled for Oct. 20 at the Eagles Lodge and that other meetings would be scheduled in the future.
“We encourage anyone to contact any board member or any members of the levy committee if they have more questions concerning the levy,” board member Joyce Finke said.
Kuffner reported a modular classroom at Noble school has been closed. “Apparently there was a potential problem with some mold on a ceiling tile. It was confirmed with testing,” he continued.
Kuffner said heavy wind and rains we had on Aug. 26 and Sept. 1 caused water to leak down into the ceiling where it rested, causing the mold. Officials are waiting on a quote from Harris Cleaning in Lima, to have the mold cleaned before reopening the modular.
Blaine said the school had a very good first day of classes throughout the district.
The first day was very much like a normal school day,” Blaine said. “To make that happen takes a lot of work. There are so many things to do to begin a school year. It says a lot about the people working for the district.”
Blaine added all of the schools will fly flags at half staff and a moment of silence will be observed at 8:46 a.m. in remembrance of terrorist attacks Sept. 11, 2001.
In other business the board:
• Heard from assistant superintendent Todd Yohey that class would release 90 minutes early Sept. 17 for a meeting on curriculum mapping in accordance with new state academic standards.
• Heard from athletic director Bruce Brown that the school has received the Harold A. Meyer sportsmanship award. He commented that the Western Buckeye League was the only league in the state to have all of the schools receive the award.


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