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01-06-04: Fort Recovery to sue over not filing tax forms


FORT RECOVERY — Following executive session, council members authorized Village Income Tax Administrator Catherine Franke to file litigation against 20 people who have failed to file village income tax forms.
Franke will send letters giving the 20 about two weeks to come to the village office and take care of the matter. “Most people do come in. In fact I’ll be amazed if I have five people going through the court,” Franke told The Daily Standard following Monday night’s council meeting.
She said village tax is one percent and is mandatory except for those retired on pensions. “People can use a generic form. I can do the return for them if they come in,” she said noting the village income tax form is separate from the state and federal forms.
As to how much money is owned Franke could not estimate as no forms have been filed by taxpayers.
“It’s a mixture of people: those who live in the village and work outside, or live out and work in, or have moved away, or simply did not file for whatever reason,” she said.
Those who still don’t file by the deadline will find themselves paying court costs as well as their taxes.
Village Administrator Randy Diller told council members the renovation of Gwendolyn Street will probably begin in late February. He is still getting material costs sorted out.
Updating the police cruiser situation, Diller said he expects the 1997 model currently owned by the village to bring up to $7,500 if sold outright. Trade-in value is about $1,500 on a $20,000 new cruiser.
Council has five residents interested in taking the council seat left vacant when former councilman Roger Broerman was elected mayor.
“This is certainly a first for us. Usually we’re out trying to talk people into serving on council,” said Diller.
Those interested include: Scott Pearson, Dave Stahl, Doug Westgerdes, Sean Thobe and Cliff Wendel.
Broerman announced his 2004 board and committee appointments which reflect only a couple changes from last year.
Scott Zehringer will take over Jim Betz’s term on the zoning board with term expiration in December 2006. He joins Cy Muhlenkamp whose term expires in 2008.
Council member Diana Grile will serve on the finance committee with Rod Thobe and Allen Post, leaving her former position on the research committee for the new council member to fill.
Richard Mohler will continue on the cemetery board for this year with a six-year extension expiring in 2011. Dean Zehringer will again serve on the income tax review board for another three years.
Harold Fiely will serve a five-year term on the park board.
Grile, Ken Romer and Tom Kaup will serve on the design review board until December 2005.
Council members Dave Bretz and Dave Garman currently make up the research committee.
Rod Thobe will serve as council president and also as the representative to the Southwest Mercer Fire District.


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