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01-22-04: What if snowflakes were pink?

Creative Celina preschool student has the answer: ‘They’d be cherry’


Imagine the countryside covered in deep pink snow in the thick of winter.
It’s not hard to imagine anything when you’re 4 years old. So on Wednesday, preschool teacher Carolyn Highley of Grace Missionary Church in Celina bravely asked her students to be creative and choose a color they would like snowflakes to be.
“Pink,” Heather Brackman chimed loudly. “Then they’d be cherry snowflakes. They’d look really cool falling on the school window.”
Brackman wasted no time drawing two high steeples atop a school building and gluing her pastel pink snowflakes on the paper windows.
Of course, the boys in the classroom wouldn’t be caught dead with pink snowflakes. They chose yellow, green and blue ones.
“I love blue because the sky’s blue and we could build blue snowmans and everyone would have blue stuff stuck on their shoes,” said Cody Houts, finally stopping to take a breath.
Jarren Casto, not wanting to disappoint his teacher, chose yellow snowflakes even though it was because “we couldn’t pick white.”
Brackman backed him up. “Mrs. Highley doesn’t want white ones,” said the little brunette.
“If snow was yellow, it would look like bananas. We really like bananas,” Casto said, as his fellow students — one licking his lips — nodded in agreement.
Michael Monfort made purple snowflakes, but isn’t partial to the color. “I’d like to see green ones, too,” he added.
So would Austin Hines.
“Green’s my favorite, favorite, favorite color,” said Hines with a big, big, big grin. “It’s my favorite ’cause the grass is green and God made the grass.”


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