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01-27-04: New zoning paves way for car dealership

Service and sales center to open in Celina Industrial Park


Celina Planning Commission cleared the way Tuesday for a used automotive dealership to open in the Celina Industrial Park, off Havemann and Grand Lake roads.
Commission members approved a conditional use request from property owner John Taylor and prospective dealership owner Jim Yoder, allowing a service and sales center to open in the newly-created light manufacturing (M-2) zone.
The M-2 zone was created by Celina City Council before the new year. It was vetoed by former Mayor Paul Arnold, but the veto was overturned by council this month. The zoning change from Industrial (M-1) to M-2 allows for more commercial, sales and service type businesses.
Yoder explained his plans to expand an existing building next to Four-U Packaging & Office to make a seven-bay service center and showroom, which will be fronted by an asphalt parking lot. The plans show the business with a driveway onto Havemann Road.
Two commission members voiced opposition to a new curb cut (driveway) to Havemann Road because of safety and traffic concerns. But after a long discussion, they voted unanimously to approve the site plan with conditions.
“In my opinion, I won’t be approving any curb cuts unless it serves more than one property owner,” commission member and Celina Safety-Service Director Mike Sovinski said. Member Eldon Wetter also disapproved because the road recently was reconstructed with a bike path.
Mayor Sharon LaRue said the city is expected to provide a new business with reasonable access to their property, “because of the situation created with the zoning.”
Yoder said the owners of Four U Packaging also are requesting the curb cut to benefit their service/sales business. As shown on the site plan, the driveway would lie on the property lines between the businesses.
Commission members looked at aerial photos of Havemann Road and discussed the possibility of future businesses and the need for more curb cuts. Sovinski said he could envision one more cut on the north side of Havemann Road in the future, near JES Foods. The new Super Wal-Mart development planned for the south side of Havemann Road has already added two curb cuts.
Yoder said the 12 driveways currently on that 0.6-mile stretch of Havemann Road are a minor safety issue, compared to the 55 on Market Street in a 0.6-mile stretch near Rino’s Auto Sales.
Members voted to approve the site plan on the condition the storm drainage meets city engineering standards.
Members also addressed minor changes to the lot layout and storm drainage design for the planned Super Wal-Mart store.
Bids for site work are going to be opened this week and construction of the huge facility is expected to begin in June or July, Sovinski said. Also, Wal-Mart may be dealing with another large retailer to open a second store next to the new Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart property developer Bo Gunlock said Wal-Mart is “very excited about the potential of someone moving in there,” Sovinski said of the prospect of a second store.


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