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02-11-04: Celina doctor shows patients the stars


Dr. Michael Josey has found a unique way to occupy the patients who come to his Celina office.
“What do you usually see when you go in a doctor’s office? You see medical charts and things like that. I didn’t want that here,” Josey, 41, of St. Marys, said.
Instead, he decorated his office with a collection of more than 300 Star Trek collectibles and paraphernalia.
Josey thought moving the collection into his office would give patients something to glimpse at while waiting for the doctor or would put them at ease.
“I want my patients to relax and not worry about what the doctor is going to tell them,” he said. “This was a great way to have stuff for them to look at. There isn’t a person who isn’t somewhat familiar with Star Trek.”
Josey’s general practice is located in the Celina Medical Center at 801 Pro Drive. Originally from Canada, he graduated from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and worked in a small town office before coming to the United States.
“I got tired of working 100 hours a week,” Josey said. “We had three doctors, and we ran everything. The hospital, the office, the emergency squad.”
Growing up in Canada was partly responsible for Josey’s fascination with Star Trek.
“We lived in a rural community and we got two television channels,” he said. “Star Trek came on at 1 p.m. every Sunday and I never missed it. I was always fascinated with it because it was so different.”
He began watching the show at 5 years old and immediately began picking up things for his collection. His collection includes a picture autographed by the Star Trek Voyager cast, the entire collection of the Playmates 9-inch dolls, models and bronze pieces, toys, dioramas, plates, film clips and photographs. He also has all of the Star Trek movies and episodes on video cassette and has met the actors who play Deanna Troi and Scottie.
“I enjoyed the original series more. It was more of a space western type of series. The newer episodes have more of a soap opera/drama feel to them,” Josie said. “The thing I’ve always enjoyed about it is the episodes key on social issues that are big at the time. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always liked it.”
Josey’s patients also have added to his collection.
“When they find something, they bring it in,” he said. “It’s kind of funny. A stamp, a marble, all kinds of little things.”
Even his most prized piece came from a patient. “I had this guy as a patient. He wasn’t in good health, and he finally passed away. A couple weeks after his death, his wife came in and gave me a fly rod with the Star Trek Enterprise engraved on it. He began working on it to give to me and died before he finished it. His wife finished it and brought it in.”
Josey said items like that, and all of those in his collection, do not have a monetary value to him because “it’s only valuable to a person if they want to buy it. I collect because it is something I enjoy.”


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