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03-04-04: The Blue Goose may ‘fly’ out of Celina


City officials have learned that someone is interested in buying — and removing — Celina’s most famous landmark, The Blue Goose.
Celina Safety-Service Director Mike Sovinski told Celina City Council’s utilities committee Wednesday an area broker needs authorization from the city to act as a middleman for the purchase.
He explained that someone is interested in paying Celina $1,000 for the 1969 building and equipment and would remove it from Celina if the deal goes through. The city then would be left owning the cleared lakefront land.
Last year city officials estimated it would cost the city near $1 million to have the building gutted and demolished.
A coal-fired power plant, the building was shut down permanently in 1973 because it did not generate as much power as expected.
“This is the hottest lead we have gotten,” Sovinski said.
“Unfortunately, we’ve heard this before, so it’s not something you want to hold your breath on,” council member Rick Bachelor added.
When asked by a council member where the building would be moved to, Sovinski only would say, “possibly out of the country.”
The group did not discuss any further details of the proposal.
The committee did agree to modified terms laid out for installing Bright.net radio antennas on Celina’s water towers.
The committee recommended city council approve the contract, which would give the city $750 per month, per tower. The agreement states Celina will receive $250 cash and $500 in Internet services for allowing Wabash Communications to install distribution antennas on the Celina-East Jefferson tower. When Celina’s Summit Street tower is built, the agreement states Celina will receive $750 per month in cash and/or services, whichever is needed.
The agreements reached Wednesday between the committee and Wabash Communications general manager Mike Boley still need to be approved by the company controlling board and Celina City Council.


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