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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
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Wild goose Chase


A1 / Mark Pummell
  Ohio Division of Wildlife officials and about 25 volunteers used a helicopter, boats, vehicles and nets to round up and band 720 Canada geese around Grand Lake St. Marys on Tuesday during the division's statewide annual goose roundup. The geese are affixed with leg and neck bands and their sex is recorded before they are loaded into trucks and taken to the Mercer Wildlife Area west of Montezuma. Nuisance populations encroaching on residential areas also were caught. The geese are rounded up in June when breeding pairs are molting their flight feathers. The geese stay in pens at the Mercer Wildlife Area 4-6 weeks until their flight feathers grow back and they are released. The bands give wildlife officials information to manage the goose population.
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