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Thursday, August 5, 2004
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Japanese delegation in Celina


A3 / Mark Pummell
  Members of the Japanese delegation of exchange students and adults from Celina's Sister City Nandan-cho on Wednesday toured the city and local businesses, including The Daily Standard newspaper. Production Supervisor Larry Smelser explains the process in the pressroom to one of the three groups that toured the newspaper. The group includes adults and students, group leader Yuji Morikami, Minatsu Yui, Yuna Shoju, Aya Fujii, Mayumi Kitaguchi, Keika Kitamata in the above tour, along with local residents Gina Everman, Chelsea McKirnan, Lisa Hertel, Lisa Canary and Nancy Otis. Other exchange members who toured the newspaper included Hiroko Maeda, Shio Morisaki, Tomomi Taniguchi, Asumi Tokui, Takayo Higashira, Chise Nagahama, Yurika Tanaka, Reimi Yamaguchi, Shinji Tobita and Toshimi Hikita. The group will tour schools, go shopping, attend a barbecue and swimming party and go bcycle riding, among other activities.
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