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03-03-05 Celina moves toward getting gated condos

By Sean Rice

  A Celina City Council committee on Wednesday supported vacating the end of Enterprise Street to make way for a three-story condominium development.

  Maria Stein Development, a spin-off company of Rockford Construction Services (RCS), is moving forward with plans to build Celina's first gated community.
  Streets and alleys committee members Wednesday endorsed a request to vacate 121 feet, the extreme south end, of Enterprise Street (near Rino's car dealership). Plans call for approximately 25 units in three, three-story buildings.
  Randy Bruns, co-owner of Maria Stein Development and president of RCS, told the committee three cottages, a house and a double-wide trailer were already removed from the site. Next week, the three remaining houses on the east side of Enterprise Street are coming down, he said.
  Bruns assured members the "line of sight" to the lake from Market Street would not be blocked by buildings.  Discussions on the street vacation Wednesday veered into city water pressure issues at that end of Celina. Fire suppression in the condominiums will be a pressurized system, because there are questions if city water in the area has enough pressure.
  "It's just not adequate, and it hasn't been for years," development consultant Kent Bryan said of the Market Street water main. "We still need to look at the long term, but it works now."
  Market Street has a 4-inch water main in it, which is extremely small for a business district, officials have said.
  "To bring that up to a 12-inch, as it should be, it needs to go all the way back to Main (Street)," Bryan said, adding that a new 12-inch line would be best if it connected to the Grand Lake Road 12-inch main.
  Bryan told the committee he has been "kicking around" ideas to solve the water problem under Market Street without putting the entire street and businesses out of commission during construction.
He proposed the city acquire a 25-foot swath of land "behind" the businesses on the south side of Market Street. It could serve as the city's bike path, a buffer between business and residential areas, and an easily-accessible location for water and sewer lines.
  Bryan said it is just an idea, a goal to work toward, which would require the city to acquire about four properties, he estimated. Also state grants and local tax increment financing (TIF) could help with funding.


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