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05-24-05 Celina grad party hosts due in court

By Margie Wuebker

  Two adults charged in connection with an underage drinking party will appear May 31 in Celina Municipal Court.

  Gary Hoyng, 45, and Karrie Hoyng, 46, both of 217 W. Forest St., Celina, face charges of providing a place for underage persons to drink alcohol and obstruction of justice. The alleged offenses took place at the local Knights of Columbus Hall, where they were hosting a graduation party for their daughter.
  Celina Police Chief Dave Slusser initially reported 11 young people also faced charges in connection with the event. However, he announced today the department had mistakenly released the names of two individuals who were not charged.
  Stephen A. Moore, 18, 6807 Janet Ave., Celina, and Julie S. Sandker, 19, 414 Magnolia St., Celina, submitted to voluntary breath tests at the scene and were found to be alcohol-free.
  "While I cannot condone these young people for being at a party where alcohol was available for underage guests, I complement them on making the decision not to drink," Slusser told The Daily Standard. "The Celina Police Department extends its apologies to them and their families for the error."  The chief added an investigation is underway to determine how the errors occurred. Possible causes include the use of a wrong code as an officer filed computer entries from the original call or a computer error that created an inaccurate record.
  "We will get to the bottom of this matter and ensure that it doesn't happen again," Slusser said. He also noted his department had released incorrect information about the party being held for the Hoyngs' son; it was held for the Hoyngs' daughter.
  Police responded to the North Vine Street Hall at 2:21 a.m. Saturday after receiving reports of underage drinking. They reportedly observed activities from outside the building before initiating contact with the occupants. Several suspects drinking beer appeared to be in their teens, and the people serving them were adults, according to Slusser.
  The officers announced their presence but those inside refused to open the locked door. While awaiting the arrival of a keyholder from the K of C emergency contact list, police observed the occupants dumping and removing beer cans from the bar and nearby tables.
  Kodie D. Highley, 19, 9350 Hoenie Road, Celina, also faces multiple charges of resisting arrest, failure to obey the signal of a police officer and underage drinking. He reportedly ran from the scene and failed to stop as ordered before being corralled by Nick, the department's K9 unit.
  Also charged with underage drinking were: Adam Gray, 18, 106 Zillah St., Celina; Carrie J. Butterini, 18, 315 W. Anthony St., Celina; Tyler D. Staugler, 212 Bachar Road, Celina; Kyle Anderson, 19, 805 Orchard St., Celina; Jason L. Knapke, 19, 3929 Carmel Church Road, Celina; Addison J. Jaqua, 18, 322 N. Main St., Piqua; and Ande D. Morgan, 19, 614 Rockford Road, Willshire.
  Their cases also will be handled in municipal court while a 17-year-old girl facing similar charges is expected to appear before Mercer County Juvenile Court Judge Mary Pat Zitter.


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