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01-03-06 Accident stats


  The Wapakoneta post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol keeps extensive statistics on vehicle crashes in the Grand Lake area. Their records reveal many important facts such as the safest day to be on area roadways is Thursday. The worst time is between 6-8 p.m. Fridays and Mondays.

  The following are other observations they've compiled and use to help prevent future accidents:

   Failure to yield was the most frequent cause of accidents in both area counties in the last five years; the second highest cause was failure to control.

   The highest number of accidents occurred at the following intersections: U.S. 33 and 127 near the village of Mercer in Mercer County; U.S. 33 and state Route 196 in New Hampshire in Auglaize County.

   Driving under the influence was cited as a factor in at least three of the 15 fatal traffic accidents in both counties in 2005.   The highest number of alcohol-related crashes in the last three years occurred in Jefferson Township (Celina) in Mercer County; and in Duchouquet Township (Wapakoneta) in Auglaize County.

   Alcohol was a factor in 20 percent of all fatal crashes in both counties during the last five years. That percentage has decreased somewhat through the years, the OSHP reports.

   66 percent of all crashes involved just one vehicle.

   The average age for victims in fatal crashes in 2005 was 36 in Mercer County and 43 in Auglaize County. The range in age of the victims in both counties was 13-86.


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