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Monday, February 20, 2006
Saturday, 19
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Wow what a gathering


A1 / Laura Walker
  The Ohio Native Ancestral Association hosted its annual Powwow on Saturday and Sunday in Lima. Vendors from across the United States sold everything from turquoise jewelry to herbs to bear teeth and turtle claws. Complete costumes and all the goods needed to make a costume were available. The grand entrance was presented three times throughout the weekend. Drummers took turns playing and singing original songs for the dancing and honoring of natives and decedents of natives. Three sisters, Cheyenne, 15, Veta, 8, and Waskwane, 7, Stone Fish from Peshawbeston, Mich., performed hoop dances, one of which is shown above. The youngest of the sisters is the 2006 Youth World Champion. Veta has picked up all her hoops without using her hands, moved them up her body and linked them together for her last formation.