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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Underage party busted at West Bank rental unit

By Margie Wuebker
Celina Police have filed charges against nine young adults in connection with an underage drinking party Saturday night at Westlake Village off West Bank Road.
Katie C. Hague, 20, 3402 Wild Cherry Road, Celina, reportedly rented a village unit for a birthday party where several teens were drinking, according to Police Chief Dave Slusser.
She and the following Celina-area people were cited for underage consumption of alcohol, a first-degree misdemeanor: Heather A. Frisch, 19, 3728 Bunker Hill Road; Brittney McGhee, 19, 660 N. Mill St.; Patricia A. Vasquez, 19, 6716 Brookside Drive; Caleb D. Wilson, 18, 128 Ada St.; Adam G. Hoyng, 20, 217 W. Forest St.; and Jordon J. Bertke, 18, 1224 Touvelle St.
Haleigh N. Adams, 19, 6185 Erastus-Durbin Road, Celina, and Valerie R. Brackman, 19, 7020 Fleetfoot Road, Celina, not only face underage consumption charges but also obstructing justice, second-degree misdemeanor offenses stemming from their unsuccessful attempt to flee through a window.
Officers responded to the rental unit shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the wake of an anonymous call regarding an underage party. While attempting to make contact at the front door, authorities quickly discovered some of the suspects inside were attempting to leave through a window.
An adult male, who was not identified, answered the door. He claimed to be a guest and had no idea who rented the unit. Slusser indicated the man was one of several adults on the premises.
Police confiscated a large amount of beer and liquor from the scene including more than 80 bottles/cans of beer, more than two dozen bottles of flavored alcoholic drinks and a cooler with 25 Jell-o shots.
The young people arrested at the party will make appearances later in the week at Celina Municipal Court.
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