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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
Sure sign of spring
Photo by Mark Pummell/The Daily Standard

Even though it doesn't feel like spring yet, signs of it are popping up. Turkey vultures, which have made an annual spring migratory stop in Celina for several years, recently returned. One is pictured flying near Main Street. Brett Beatty, a representative of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, said this area has a three-faceted source of attraction for the buzzards - dead fish near the lake, mortality at area chicken houses and roadkill like raccoons and deer. Ralph Stuckman, a longtime Linden Avenue resident in Celina, said the birds often roost in a tree near his home. He said his grandchildren love observing the birds, which have a large wingspan and tendency to follow one another around. "They're really fascinating," he said. "We don't see them as nuisances at all."

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