Celina Main Street Reconstruction Project
Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Grass is reseeded in front of the Post Office.
Taking advantage of the dead-ended Livingston Street, the Post office has been parking in the street to allow easier access to the relocated drop off mail boxes.
Following a heavy rain, it is apparent there will be erosion issues in front of the court house until the grass is reestablished.
A peek into one of the junction boxes.
Reconstruction of six blocks of Celina's Main Street began August 9, 2010. Smith Paving & Excavating Inc., Norwalk, was awarded the $3.237 million contract by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Celina's expected contribution is $1.35 million in addition to a $356,500 Ohio Public Works Commission grant the city secured. ODOT is funding the remainder of the project. A final top coat of asphalt will be applied to the entire project in the summer of 2011. In a separately bid project, water lines were replaced under Main Street in the spring of 2010.
The project will be completed in phases. The current plan is to work on the three blocks from Foulton Street to Fayette Street beginning in August until November 5th. The second phase will see work on the three blocks from Fayette Street to Lake Shore Drive beginning in March 2011. Downtown business will remain accessible except for a brief window when new concrete sidewalks are poured. See the map of Celina's downtown for alternative parking lots. Further information on downtown businesses or the City of Celina.