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Staff Circulation
Rates Production
The Daily Standard circulation
Total Circulation 8755
Mercer County 7439
Auglaize County 1134
Mail, out of county 142
E-Edition Only 40
(Information as of Winter, 2017)
Regular Pages
Daily Pages
  • Classified
  • Entertainment
  • Local News
  • Obituaries
  • Society
  • Sports
  • Society - Engagements
  • Farmer
  • Society - Weddings
  • Business
  • Sports Picture Page
  • Society - Anniversaries
  • Auctions (most popular day)
  • Entertainment Calendar (in addition to daily Entertainment Page)
  • Society - Births
  • Church
  • Real Estate
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Days of Publication
The Daily Standard is published six days a week on Monday through Friday evenings and on Saturday mornings with the exceptions of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Preprint Insertion Zones
Zone Subscriptions
& Single Copies
All Zones 8850
Mercer County 7650
Auglaize County 1200
Northern Mercer County 3950
Southern Mercer County 3700
(Information as of Winter, 2017)
  • This is the average distribution. Please increase your preprint count 5% to cover peak days.
  • Circulation numbers can change on a regular basis, contact us for current numbers.
Total Market Coverage
Our total market coverage option, The Standard Shopping News, is mailed on Monday for Tuesday delivery.
TMC Option Circulation
The Standard Shopping News 2807