Friday, June 29th, 2007
By Timothy Cox
Weeds overrun rebuilt Celina Street
  Grass in the tree lawns along the newly rebuilt Touvelle Street likely will be replanted.
The decision comes on the heels of comments recently from Safety-Service Director Jeff Hazel suggesting residents along the stretch of street could be fined for the weeds that have taken over the tree lawn between the sidewalk and curb.
The planting of grass was among the last tasks that were part of the $1.2 million street project.
Straw remains in place from when the contractor planted grass to finish the $1 million-plus reconstruction of the street. Weeds have overgrown the grass in most places. Some Celina City Council members complained about the issue during a recent meeting.
Residents should have watered and properly cared for the grass after it was seeded, Safety-Service Director Jeff Hazel said. The city and contractor are not responsible for maintaining the grassy strips that lie between the sidewalk and curb, he said.
The Celina Police Department has a summer intern who is enforcing property maintenance issues, including tall grass. City officials had suggested Touvelle Street residents could face fines for their out of control grass.
But city officials had softened on the issue this week. City development consultant Kent Bryan said he has disussed possible solutions with public works Superintendent Joe Wolfe.
"When you look at what the weather did ... that grass never stood a chance," Bryan said.
The grass was planted immediately before an extended dry spell.
"We need to kill it off and reseed it," Bryan said.
The entire stretch of rebuilt street between Main and Summit streets likely will be replanted with grass, Bryan said. City officials still are working out details of the plan.
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