Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
By William Kincaid
Some voters got wrong ballots in Zuma
Mercer County election difficulties
  A Mercer County couple is wondering how many other residents received the wrong election ballots on Tuesday, as their daughter voted on the Montezuma mayor and village council race even though she doesn't live in the village.
Charles Steinbrunner, 6709 Brookside Drive, Celina, said he realized his daughter Jodi was given the wrong ballot when the two discussed the election after she voted. According to Steinbrunner, his daughter, who lives in western Franklin Township, said she voted on Montezuma's mayor and village council race even though she does not reside in the village.
Steinbrunner said he contacted the Mercer County Board of Elections office and someone there told him they would look into the incident.
However, Mercer County Board of Elections Director Denise Fullenkamp this morning said she had not received any phone calls about people receiving the wrong ballot. She also said it is the voter's responsibility to make sure he or she is given the right ballot and the vote would be counted anyway.
"They should have let the poll worker know," Fullenkamp said this morning, before adding that the votes are already counted.
Steinbrunner's wife, Debra, also told the newspaper that she wonders how many other people were given the wrong election ballots. She said her mother, Ethel Klosterman, received the wrong absentee ballot.
Klosterman - who votes absentee because of her health - lives in Montezuma but received a ballot that did not include the mayor's race. Klosterman realized the error, contacted the office and eventually received the correct ballot, Debra Steinbrunner said.
"How many don't realize it?" Debra Steinbrunner said is her main concern.
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