Grand Lake pelicans
Sunday, October 29th
Last year in the late fall, I saw huge flocks of american white pelicans on the southwest shores of Grand Lake. These are some of the largest birds in North America with wingspans of 9 feet! Much larger than our Bald Eagles. I didn't think this was possible. The Audubon guide it shows that even a migratory presence here is on the outer fringe of their unlikely migration paths. Yet here they are! These birds swim together in large groups and dip their heads underwater in ponderous unison to catch fish - staying submerged for 10 seconds or more and returning upright with equally perfect synchronization. They are fascinating to watch. This year, I brought my SLR and telephoto lens to my cottage so that I could get some decent shots to prove they are out here.
Submitted by: Gary Osterfeld.
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