June 27, 2009
Maria Stein Country Fest 2009
Attendees at the Maria Stein Country Fest enjoyed an excellent weekend of entertainment. Saturday evening events included a running of American Red Cross Go Kart Racing. Each heat of six to seven karts raced around the track a total of 32 times. But after every eight laps, a pit stop was required for a driver exchange. Moving over from the go kart track, the racing dropped into a lower gear at the adult Big Wheel race. The competition was fierce once official signed up the 27 racers and each racer signed the waver. In each race three big boys (or girls) took their trikes once around the course. The winer of each preliminary race moved on to the semi-finals, and the and three semifinal winners raced around the track twice to determine who had the fastest Big Wheel. The top three received prizes for their effort including champion Josh Alexander. And what would be the Country Fest without tractor square dancing? These pastoral promenaders made numerous appearances the entire weekend. The 2009 theme had comic book super heros and super villains mounted on their metal steeds while the dances were called. Superman and Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk and Spider Man, Batman and Robin and the Joker and Penguin paired off and do-sa-doed around the floor for two songs. But the festival was set right again when the man of steel soared over the arena, captured the villains and freed the maiden.
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