July 24, 2010
Celina Lake Festival
The 2010 Celina Lake Festival was held from July 23rd to 25th. The annual festival started Friday with several blocks of Main Street, US Route 127, closed for sidewalk sales, with additional venders at North Shore Park. Stone filled road-cuts for infrastructure work were a reminder that next years festival could look much different after the Main Street reconstruction project. Other events Friday evening included the cruise-in at Mercelina Park, near the Hot Water Hole, and the amphicar swim-in down the ramp into the Hot Water Hole. Thirty-four of the amphibious vehicles, about the same number as previous years, participated. Friday night was capped off with fire works over Grand Lake. This year's show was set to music played on the public announcement system for those near the Lake shore and simulcasted on WCSM 96.7 FM so everybody viewing the spectacle could listen in. Mercer County's own Barry Peel Jr. was the lead shooter for the show. But not everything at this year's Lake Festival could go as originally planned. Toxins released by algae growing in Grand Lake's hypereutrophic waters led the Ohio EPA to issue an advisory not to contact the water. Thus some popular events were relocated. The cardboard duct tape boat race was moved to the pond at Eastview Park. But the essence of the contest remained the same. Each team of two was given an equal amount of cardboard and duct tape and one hour in which to build the best water craft they could fashion. Then in three heats, all contestants raced from the shore to buoys with the winners facing off in a final race. More boats than ever sailed well this year. Contributing factors could have been the ease of launching from the shallow water, the extra push boats received from their teammate, or the stiff wind that probably did more than paddling to push boats to the finish line. At any rate, organizers were ready with a rescue craft to return any adrift vessels to shore.
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