January 25, 2011
Dropping a radio tower
Crews safely brought down the radio tower on Dibble Road near Wright State University Lake Campus on Tuesday afternoon. Built in 1978, the 427 foot tall tower held antennas for radio station WCSM 96.7 FM, and a repeater for Dayton PBS channel 16, WPBD. Prior to demolition, the antennas for these stations were moved to the newly constructed MARCS tower 1300 feet to the West. A previous video on dailystandard.com chronicled the construction of that tower by helicopter. Prior to today, the old tower was held vertical by multiple guy wires running in each of three directions. To bring down the tower, a circular saw severed the base of the western guy wires, while a pick-up truck pulled East on a rope attacked part way up the tower. Earlier in the day, overhead utility wires along Dibble Road were lowered to the ground so the Western guy wires could drag through the field while the tower fell.
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